Is the problem that I don't have an audio interface or is it just ardour?

Whenever I run Ardour I successfully record one or two tracks, then after that ardour crashes almost every 5 minutes. Before I spend money on an audio interface I would like to know if the problem I’m having is caused by ardour just being a relatively new program, or is it that my soundcard just can’t handle what I’m doing.

I forgot to mention I am using the x11 2.4.1 version.

Ardour isn’t a relatively new program, but its still probably the culprit. You can help us improve it. 2.5 will be a lot more stable and will be out in a day or so.

Note that as I say over and over and over again, forums are not the right place to try to solve problems like this. Please join us on the OS X IRC channel (see the support page). Best time is US Eastern day time.