Is my notebook suitable enough to work with ardour, jack & jamin?

hi all. I recently bought an asus Eee pc 901. It’s got 1gb ram, and an Intel Atom Diamondville CPU clocked at 1.6 GHz, though because of hyperthreading the os reports two cpus. I bought it to mix and master audio through linux, with ardour, jack and jamin. Running Ardour with 8 tracks and several plugins in every track goes more or less ok, but the moment i try to run jamin, the latter disconnects from jack automatically. I’ve been more than a month tuning up the system, and now i’m starting to think that maybe my new notebook is not powerful enough. What do you reckon? should i buy another notebook or my system is powerful enough and i just should keep on tweaking it till i get the proper performance?

tx in advance.

tx, gonna try them and i’ll tell u.

take care

I think you might find jamin is a bit CPU intensive - I’ve written several JACK plugin applications which you can connect up to do most mastering tasks that you might use an app like jamin for. You can find them at - in addition to the plugins there is also a JACK patchbay that will help you link them together.

@linuxdsp: I just started using your compressor and eq plugins for my household media pc. I rout pulseaudio through eq, then comp, and then out to system. Does a wonderful job of leveling out inconsistencies in all the stuff my wife and i download/watch online. Thanks again!!!

@didgewind: I made my last album on a pc with 2gb RAM, and a 3.2ghz pentium 4 (also with hyperthreading). Although I used about 16 tracks per song, most were pretty minimal as far as processing (much use of busses, a little compression, etc.). Even so, I couldn’t mix most songs at the same time as mastering (I had to mixdown first, master later), and the ones that I could do this way, I had to run at maximum latency to get the visual feedback to work properly in jamin. I suggest you do both. First try and set your latency (from the jack menu in ardour) to the highest possible value, then connect Jamin. If that doesn’t work, try mixing the song down, importing into a new session, and then hookup Jamin. The second way will most likely work.