Is it true that Ardour "does not like" KDE based distros?


Looking at the manual, it seems that Ardour needs some workaround with KDE. Because of that and the fact that Ardour is built around GTK, is it correct to say that Ardour is “better” with Gnome or any other GTK desktops?

In most recent versions, (at least when running KDE under wayland) this has not been an issue for a while. The plugin windows are always on top, and when ardour window in minimized all the plugin windows are as well.

FWIW, I also use KDE (with X11, not Wayland) and the workarounds seem to work really well.

I’m running Ardour 6.9.0 on both Xfce and Plasma (KDE), both X11, did not really notice any serious issues related to window environment. Yes I had a few times plugin windows hiding behind the main windows after, say, switching to another application with Alt-Tab, but I rarely do it while recording/mixing :slight_smile:

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