Is it supposed to follow the playhead all the time?

My issue is: When the project is playing, the zoom aways follows the playhead (I think that’s the name of the thing). Im pretty sure that’s my fault cause I don’t know how to configure it properly. I recorded a video of it so you can understand better.

As showed,when its not playing the zoom (I use ctrl + mouse scroll to zoom) follows my mouse pointer, but when its playing the view is focused only on the playhead, that makes so I can’t fine tune things in other parts of the project while is playing.

What happens during playback is defined in Menu > Transport > Follow Playhead (ctrl+f), and you can in addition enable “stationary playhead”.

As for editing, there is zoom-focus - dropdown top right, next to the zoom buttons. and edit-point (dropdown top-center). In your case both are set to “mouse”.

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Thank you, that’s exactly what i wanted to know

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