Is it possible to work on the same project with different audio interface at each time?

What I am trying to do is to make recording with audio interface A (with say 16 I/O channels) and save the project. And then, with the audio interface A disconnected, I would like to connect audio interface B (with say 2 I/O channels), and work on the same project.

The reason is that I am planning to setup all my heavy recording gears at place A, where I would have the audio interface A, with my laptop. Once I am done with recording it, I would like to bring the laptop to my place B, where I would have the audio interface B, to work on it. Is this possible?


No reason why this should not work, though you may need to adjust I/O connections (sometimes) when moving from one setup to another.

So, if I have created 16 tracks (from 16 individual inputs of audio interface), then I would not be able to open/work with audio interface that has 2 I/Os? I just would like to play/cut/export the tracks.

You will be able to open it and work with a different interfaces. For some combinations/orders of audio interface A and B, you may need to adjust the I/O connections after each device switch.

Is adjusting I/O connections necessary just to play/cut/export? Thanks.

Most likely, no.

Always bit hard to say things like this as absolutes, since the range of possible I/O configuration changes is huge.

But if you tracks all follow the default I/O connection pattern (outputs to the master bus), then it will Just Work ™

Okay. I will just try and see how it goes… Thanks.

I think the core question is: If I have a project with a 16-channel audio device, and I open it with a 2-channel device for some editing, and then reopen it with the 16-channer device, are all 16 channel associations still intact?

Yes. That is correct.

Probably not. But it depends …

Reconnecting all 16 channels is takes about 4 mouse clicks and 1 drag.

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Assuming a 1 to 1 patch. More complex patching though is a bit more difficult.


The issue is that, with a stereo output, connecting a 2 channel audio interface it’s pretty easy for the system to guess and get the right answer.

With a 16 channel device, it’s not.

The chances are, when you move from the 2 channel audio interface back to the 16 channel one, you will need to rewire the master bus outputs, unless they happen to be on the first two channels. In which case you may be lucky and it wires the correct ones automatically.

In my case, as an example, I have an 18 channel audio interface where channels 17 and 18 are connected to the monitor speakers, and it never guesses that correctly. But why would it ?

Connecting them manually is fast and easy and, most of the time, I don’t change between audio interfaces that much, so it’s not a.problem for me.



If it’s matter of re-connecting the channels manually, I don’t have an issue. So, technically, I can work with different number of I/O interfaces ever time I open/work on the same project, as long as I take care of the connections, correct?

Correct … (meeting 20 character minimum)