Is it possible to make overlapping MIDI layers not transparent?

If I have several MIDI layers lying on top of each other (Layers -> Overlaid), I can’t properly understand which note belongs to the top layer. All because all layers are transparent. Is it possible to somehow turn off the transparency of MIDI layers?

This is not possible.

There are discussions in other theads here and in some bug/feature reports.

No no! I just realized that they will not understand me that way … I mean the real “optical” transparency of the displayed midi-clip, and not the so-called “transparency”, which is meant for example here.

Same answer (though a “fix” would be easier for the purely optical side). Not convinced the optical-only change is a good idea.

I need at least some opportunity to make visible only the top track, now I will explain why: the fact is that I have the ability to disable unnecessary MIDI clips and they will not sound. This opens up the possibility of recording MIDI-takes on the same track without using different playlists. (Turning MIDI clips on and off is much faster than switching between different playlists that you still need to manually create for each take. In addition, recording in a loop is too convenient and does not at all combine with the concept of “playlists for takes”.)

When I have many duplicates of the midi clip in the same place and I want to correct the topmost take a little, I can’t do it normally because of the optical transparency of all these takes, they mix into a terrible mess, in which it is completely impossible to understand where are notes from the upper take.

Working with midi takes is currently not very convenient. The ability to make the upper double optically opaque is already a step towards more or less convenient work.

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