Is it possible to insert an arbitrary MIDI message (e.g. sysex) in a Midi track?

Is it possible to insert an arbitrary MIDI message (e.g. sysex, NRPN midi messages) in a Midi track?
I saw that it is possible to insert a patch change message, this is great, but i would also need sysex midi messages or NRPN midi messages.

Yes, any MIDI message incl SysEx can be recorded and playback back, however there is no way to edit or manually create them inside Ardour.

Alternatively you could import a MIDI file with the given message(s).

Thanks. It there a profound reason not to be able to edit the raw midi file in ardour?

How would you edit sysex? a hex editor?

Yes i imagine a simple hex editor (available for any midi sample in fact). But may be it is possible to copy from ardour and paste in an external editor? and conversely?

Ardour uses SMF (standard MIDI files) directly for all MIDI regions, so yes, you could edit the .mid files from ardour’s session folder.

Thank you, that is fine for my purpose.

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