Is it possible to get a live update of a region's when using then gain envelope

Is there a way to visually update the waveform to reflect the changes made by editing the region’s gain envelope?

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-I don’t know, sorry. -Just here to see if there’s an answer coming… :slightly_smiling_face:

Speaking of this though, it would be nice to have a mixer ‘insert’ for where the waveform displayed should be calculated. -Pre-fader, or post-fader, or after this or that plugin, etc… Hmm. I think that idea should be added to the ‘ideas for Ardour’ section. -Would be a sick feature.

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Nope not right now.

So in order to do that you would like have to be continually printing the waveform to disk with all processing, and would you include things like post fader bus sends for reverb etc.?

Short version is this is likely asking a lot more than I suspect you are aware of and not in favor of the non-destructive nature of Ardour’s operation IMO.

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I literally have no experience in software design whatsoever, -let alone vastly complicated audio software such as Ardour, which is amazing as it is.

Not right now. Yes, we all like eyecandy features :slight_smile: but I don’t think, according to “roadmap”, that we can expect this anytime soon. Although, if it can be done in half an hour, then maybe… You never know.

Edit: Corrected! Thx! :wink:

I just need to be clear: there is no To-do list.


Did you try ACE inline scope? It does the render for mixer view. You can put it before and after an effect to visually get feedback on what is going on.


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