Is it possible to configure ardour to use lv2 only?

As the subject says, is it possible ?
Or do i have to uninstall all plugins but lv2 so no other plugin-type can be found by scanning ?

Best regards Harry

Yes, it is - on menu bar choose Edit → Preferences → Plugins → VST. You can disable VST here, you can also manage plugins manually by going Window → Plugin Manager. Re-scan of plugins or restart is requied

You can in the window / plugin manager hide the vst version of a plugin (if you don’t want use the vst variant of desired plugins).

That gives you for every plugin the possibility to decide which you want to use.

Yes, so I can’t see them.

Meanwhile I found a possible solution could be to disable vst*/ladspa when configuring before build sources.
Maybe this is what I want, I’ll give a feedback after having built and installed.

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