Is it necessary to delete overwritten range when using punch in/out?


I’ve been using Ardour for a while, for mostly simpler stuff, but I’m just now getting around to learning how to punch in and out. Although I’ve figured out how to do that successfully, I was wondering if it was necessary that I delete the range that is overwritten by the punch in/out. I read somewhere that it was, but during playback it seemed to be fine.

Also, assuming that it is necessary, is there an easier way to delete the range rather than trying to manually select the punch range with the mouse? It seems a little too precise to do it that way and I’m afraid I’ll clip something outside of the punch range out. I tried using “select all in range” from right-clicking the punch marker, but after trying to delete the selection I got from that, it just wiped out the whole region in the track. Also, the version I’m using is 2.8.11.

Hope this makes sense…


No it is not necessary, it will simply create a new range on a layer higher than the current topmost range. This means the new range will get precedence in playback, and unless you have it set to not be ‘Opaque’ you will not hear the old range at all.