Is it me, or are BBT markers broken (for me)?

BBT markers are a new thing in Ardour 7 that I thought are exactly what I need, when preparing material for my guitar exercises. I have the pieces in music notation and tablature and in recorded for, or with own MIDI-drawn accompaniment. With Ardour 6 bar numbers in Ardour would never match those in the notation, because of a count-in added and repeats. That is what I hoped BBT marks would fix. And today I finally tried that (in Ardour 7.3 on Linux).

…and it doesn’t seem to work as I expected. Instead of a bar just being given a number and label, it is also randomly stretched so it does not match the music in any way. Is it a bug or am I doing anything wrong?

Screenshot from 2023-04-19 19-08-41

Also, for my use case, I would like to be able to set it on a specific existing bar boundary, not a random place in time, but this issue seems already discussed here.

BBT Markers are a work in progress and there are still some oddities with them. I would not recommend them for use in 7.3 or the upcoming 7.4, sadly. Hopefully 7.5


Then, I guess, I’ll wait a bit more.


I don’t think your audio got ‘stretched’. There’s just a bug that makes the first few grid lines disappear after the BBT marker.

The ‘first few grid lines’ are all up to the number that should go after the bar I put my BBT marker on. So if I put the (1:1:0) on bar 10 then next 10 bar lines are missing and the next ‘normally visible’ bar is nr 11 (counting from the marker). That is because Ardour will not display the same bar number (together with bar lines) twice, even if the marker tells it so.

As the whole point of the marker is to give custom numbers to bars it is quite useless now.

Ah, that makes sense. I didn’t make that connection. Hopefully that info will make it easier to fix.

This is probably only one of many bugs to be resolved. Please keep sending reports, so we can make it better.


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