Is it kosher to record the output from master to a new track?

I’ve recorded audio from tape without any effects. I now want to master it using an Ardour plugin chain.

I can make it work, sort of, by:

  • Importing the audio
  • Creating a new empty stereo track, and wiring that to master out
  • Setting up the plugin chain on master
  • Muting the new track / arming it for recording
  • Playing / recording

Works, but it’s a little kludgy (particularly when I come to play the audio back as a final check). Is there a better workflow for doing this?

Why not just export out of Ardour?

What you are describing is often used and is perfectly fine, but in your case I am not sure there is a huge need compared to standard export. Generally it is used when an external effects processor is inline requiring realtime export, but other than cases like that a standard export should work fine.


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