Is htere a quick fix for playback skipping?

Ok, well my subject probably has enough info.

But my recorded piece skips during playback.

Is there an easy way to correct this??

your subject is, unfortunately, woefully lacking in detail.

you have provided us with essentially zero information, which makes it impossible to offer any help. its hard to even list all the information we could ask for that might be relevant, but lets start with:

  • version of Ardour
  • linux distribution or OS X version you are running
  • linux kernel version
  • are you running JACK in realtime mode
  • have you checked that your disks have been tuned for
    streaming performance
  • how many tracks
  • how many overdubs in a single track
  • what type of audio interface

and yes, there should be an easy to read document on tuning your system for realtime audio performance. google will reveal lots of hints online, but its not a very satisfactory way of finding answers to this