Is calf plugins still an option

I’ve read that there’s zipper issues, phase issues in their multiband compression, are these things still a issue today. I wonder if this project is still be being maintained. I know this is ardour forums but calf has lots of plugs such as multiband limiter, multiband enhancer that I don’t see anywhere else

LSP Plugins have a lot of Multiband processors.

My only problem with them is they have more bands than I need, and seem to use a lot of CPU even when the unused bands are turned off.

Overall a very professional series. You just have to know what you want, because the designer gives you every option for every type of processing.


For better or worse, yes.
Fixing the phasing issues would break existing sessions that rely on them.

There are still small updates, mostly documentation. A new plugin was added last summer, but there don’t seem to be significant changes to existing plugins in recent years.

What was the new plugin added last summer.

Lsp is nice but way to overloaded for me,

According to

I wish I could get some help here … I downloaded the LSP plugins, jack version because I use jack with my Ardour installation.
After unpacking, I get a dir called usr, containing a dir called local, containing two dirs called bin and lib, respectively.
Do I go into each of these dirs and go “cp * /usr/local/bin” and cp * /usr/local/lib" in order to install the plugins? Forgive my ignorance of these matters but I’m a musician first. And awfully afraid of killing my whole system …

“JACK versions” are standalone programs, not plugins. You are installing the wrong thing.

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Thank you Paul! See how stupid I am. Where can I see what version I need in order to get plugins? LADSPA or LV2? All I know is I use Jack for connecting everything.

Install the LV2 or LinuxVST versions. Either is compatible with Ardour.

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Thank you guys, with your help managed to install the whole lot. I used only Calf plugins on my last record and had no idea they’re not considered good. Relearning now (My what a bunch of plugins!)

It is one thing for others to consider them ‘not good’ but more importantly is for you to teach yourself to hear why you might want to avoid them and make up your own mind. I generally avoid CALF when I can, but you shouldn’t just take my word for it necessarily, you should make sure you can hear the issue and make up your own mind as well… at least for the audible issues.

Now the issues with crashing etc. that is another matter:)


Well I’m not so experienced that I would be able to hear these subtle differences but there was some issue with wrong phases and that’s something you can prove. But of course my 60+ yr old ears might still learn :wink:

Yes, it is easily measured. In Ardour you can use “edit with generic controls”.

e.g. with the Calf Multiband Compressor:
both lines (white = gain, red = phase) should be flat with the plugin’s default settings.

This is due to how the band cross-over filters are implemented, other Calf Multiband FX have similar issues.

If you use it on a track that may or may not be beneficial. It does introduce some distortion and sound characteristic. But on the master-bus, where one usually would use a Multiband Compressor, it’ll wreak havoc to the mix.

With certain styles of music, that may well be what you want (although in that case one would rather use a dedicated plugin for it).

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I don’t use Calf plugins anymore, except sometimes the Calf reverb. What do you think about the Calf reverb?

Does Calf Analyzer cause that too? That’s the only CALF plugin I use on the master bus.

I don’t know, but I’d expect that the plugins just taps the signal to be analyzed.

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