Is Ardour 2.7.1 really stable?

hi everybody! ok first, i bought mi first Imac,(Imac 20" 2008)

and… i have so much questions…

befor this mac, i had a Pc With Linux, and i had use Ardour 2.7 veryyy veryy stable with a USB Bheringer uca200, ok No problem with this setup…

my first question is:

Is Ardour for Mac (intel native) really stable for work with (only) audio and may plugins?

my work is not professional, but i need for security to work with Ardour+Mac…

jaja! sorry… for my english!

Its the same code as Ardour 2.7.1 on Linux. There are probably a few bugs on OS X that do not exist on Linux, but the same is probably true in reverse. If it works well for you on Linux, then you can assume it will work well for you on OS X.