IR loader for Guitar-Amp-Boxes

Anyone knows a good IR Loader for Guitar and Bass box IR’s?
I already tried the IR LV2 ( but its a reverb. :frowning:

Are you wanting to load a cabinet impulse response ?
If it’s the case you can do it with the tool you mentionned, no problem, just click on “open file” and navigate to your cabinet sample :slight_smile:

Hm, if I leod the IR-Wav (yea, its a wav, missed to tell you) into IR LV2 then it doesn’t sound like a box at all.
I admit, this is my first time with Ardour to do this…I was on Reaper on OSX and sometimes Windows and used LePou LeCab. But when I lead it into LeCab with the same record setup, it sounded not like a Reverb room. Idk where my mistake is. ???

Could you put the .wav somewhere on web ? Then a quick test will confirm the mistake comes from you… or not :slight_smile:


klangfalter and IR-LV2 I use. I run my Vox ToneLab line-out into a track on Ardour and then load the ir cab files… you need to kill the dry channel and run only wet… I get amazing sounds all sounding like cabs…

Its just the Wet-Signal. Switching off dry signal and autogain are the first things I do, when I open the plug-in.
Maybe I get my old DAW to record some different audio clips, that you can hear what I mean.

Sorry for the late response, have tested your “orange2mics.wav” in IR, and it seems ok (just put some music in, and it changes the sound as expected).

As LeatusPenguin says, IR LV2 is the good tool for this kind of .wav files in Linux biotope :wink:
Just add to your guit/bass track a send to a stereo bus where you load IR-LV2 in pre-fader, and bob’s your uncle !

Speaker impulses on their own don’t sound exactly like a real speaker because they don’t capture non-linear effects like harmonic distortion. In a typical guitar speaker the harmonic distortion is quite high due to deliberately designed cone breakup. You can get closer to the real sound using something like the Calf Exciter (with scope at 2kHz, ceiling at 10kHz) after the convolver. The exciter is likely to produce aliasing, but with heavily distorted sounds it isn’t really noticeable with moderate exciter levels.


jrigg has a good point regarding post convolver processing, especially with guitars. I have found the Calf exciter to be very useful for all kinds of things, sometimes with acoustic mixes I put it on a bus of it’s own just to colour up the high end a bit without using excessive EQ’s, but back to the IR topic… I’ve been using Robin Gareus’ LV2 Convolver for cabinet impulses, it is part of the X42 plugins suite. (available in AV Linux, KXStudio and Debian repos) and it is very simple, just load your IR file and away you go…