Invalid VST3 Module Path

I used PlayOnLinux and Yabridge to get BBCSO in Ardour but when I scan it, I get a Stale status and Invalid VST3 Module Path: ‘’ in the Plugin manager. I have the BBCSO plugins in my regular home folder, PlayOnLinux (and Ardour) in a .var folder, and yabridge in a .local folder.
Is there a way to fix this?

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These are the expected locations for VST3 plugins per the VST3 specification:
On the Linux platform, the host application expects VST 3 plug-ins to be located in:

Prio Location Path
1 User $HOME/.vst3/
2 Global /usr/lib/vst3/
3 Global /usr/local/lib/vst3/
4 Application $APPFOLDER/vst3/


Thanks for the additional information. In home/ I created the map .vst3, hence the path is home/user/.vst3. There I put the map “Spitfire Audio - BBC Symphony Orchestra” from elsewhere (that map has been created elsewhere on my home directory by the Spitfire app because the app cannot see the hidden map .vst3; please be aware that the Spitfire app has been set up within PlayOnLinux app, and the default path of VST3 according to the Spitfire app is “C\Program Files\Common Files\VST3”, this cannot be changed).
Re-scanning the plugins gave no result, only LV2 plugins are visible. No VST3 plugins :frowning:

Also I put the Spitfire map within the Ardour app, the corresponding path is /home/user/.var/app/org.ardour.Ardour/vst3/, no result.

To check I also put the Spitfire map in the C\Program Files\Common Files\VST3, (full path is: /home//.var/app/com.playonlinux.PlayOnLinux4/data/PlayOnLinux/wineprefix/spitfire/drive_c/Program Files/Common Files/VST3/), also no luck.

Any thoughts?

I am not sure why you chose to use PlayOnLinux. yabridge needs only Wine (which presumably PlayOnLinux is also dependent on).

Ardour is not responsible for finding Windows VST3 plugins - it only knows about yabridge, which reports back on the plugins that it finds. yabridge is responsible for all of this, by itself (with the use of Wine).

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Spitfire Audio is a Windows application, not Linux, so that complicates setup considerably over using native Linux VST3 plugins.
I had missed the significance of the mention of yabridge in your first post, so this step was not correct for this configuration:

Using yabridge, the yabridge plugin would need to be in one of the standard locations, but the Spitfire plugin would need to stay in the install location in the wine profile. You would then need to use “yabridgectl add” to configure the bridge plugin to find the installed Windows plugin.

Have you followed all of the instructions on the yabridge project page?

If you cannot get the plugin working after carefully following those instructions you will need to check with the yabridge project, as problems with Windows plugins is actually a problem with installation and configuration (or operation) of the bridge program.

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