Invalid Source/Destination port message in log

Hi all,

is there a problem when renaming tracks in Ardour? After renaming tracks, saving the session and closing Ardour, I get the following error message in the Ardour log the next time I start it:

[ERROR]: ardour::connect: Invalid destination port.

While I thought I was really smart and renamed the tracks back to their original names, on the next startup I got the error again, but now with the names renamed first:

The audio is playing correctly and the routing seems to be fine as well. However, since I am trying to find another error, I would like to have clean logs or just know that the error message can be safely ignored.

There is this other thread, but without any information helpful to me: How do I get rid of Invalid Source Port Errors please?

Any ideas if this is a problem or not?

The port names for the Invalid Destination Port errors seems to indicate that you were previously running the Geonkick drum machine, and recording stereo output from it into one of your Ardour tracks. Assuming you have already successfully recorded the drum track, you could try clearing any inputs to that track, saving the project, and then restarting Ardour.

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Hi tseaver,

thank you for your suggestion. This is a bit strange, but seems to work. After I renamed the track and reconnected all inputs and outputs, the error messages disappeared.

Not sure if that is the desired procedure…

I’ve also seen those pop up on occasion, in most cases it’s not really an Error, just some old connections that can no longer be re-established. I’ll put it on the list to investigate.

Until Ardour can reliably detect this, perhaps just downgrading this to a Warning is appropriate.

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