Invalid byte sequence to encode "UTF8" in a *.ardour file

I have a crash and i can’t open my session again. While trying to see what happen opening the file as a xml i get this message "invalid byte sequence to encode UTF-8. Using vim to open the file i get only symbols like:^@^@…and so on. Any idea how can i get my session back again?. Thanks.
I’m using Ardour 6.7 on AVL-MXE

You should have a backup file called <your-session>.ardour.bak in the same folder as your corrupt one.
Rename your corrupt .ardour file to .ardour.error , if it’s needed later for crash analysis, and copy the <your-session>.ardour.bak to <your-session>.ardour

Thanks, I tried that but i seems that the *.bak and *.history are also corrupt. This files are not recognized as a xml files.

Is everything on that filesystem corrupted, or only the Ardour files?
Can you upload the .ardour file to this post so other people can examine?

Hi, i think all the sessions files are corrupted, i can t open any of this files as an xml, i always get the same message: Invalid byte sequence to encode “UTF8”. Here is the *.ardour file; | Send or share big files up to 20 GiB for free
-How can i upload the file direct to this post?- …only allows me to upload image files.

You don’t attach files directly to posts here, but you are better off using an external service, preferably one not quite as demanding on personal info at the one you did. That being said I did open it using a private browser window, and downloaded the file, which was completely overwritten (3.4MB of null characters \x0). This would be surprising to be the result of Ardour honestly, and really seems more like something overwrote sectors of your hard drive/filesystem/files or as @ccaudle implied, it could be a deeper issue affecting your filesystem or more.

I have never heard of this happening from Ardour though.


It’s very strange, but those files were damaged after a crash of ardour. I have no other corrupted files except those. I imagine they are irrecoverable then. Any service tips to upload files in a more private way?. Thanks

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