Invada plugins lv2 - gui not working - UbunuStudio20 [ANSWERED]

So, this seems to be a known issue (
with no solution so far.

I think it is NOT related to Ardour directly, but you experts might immediately know what’s going on here.

Ardour 5 / 6 when trying to load the plugin gui e.g. it reports a missing symbol:
undefined symbol: __pow_finite

I’m running UbuntuStudio 20, but it used to work for UbuntuStudio 18, so I assume some re-organization of some math (?) libs has been done. It might be related to libgtk2.0, maybe not.
The error also shows up for Ardour 5.12 for the undefined symbol: __powf_finite

If that rings a bell, please let me know, maybe it is just installing additional libs. Otherwise the
generic GUI still operates, so I’m not fully out of business here.

Thanks for your time :slight_smile:

Hey. Follow 1) and 2) on this link. I hope it helps.

The underlying issue is underlinking against libm (math library). Easiest is to re-compile the invada plugins with -lm.

Longer discussion on the subject is:

For Ardour plugins (like reasonablesynth) this was fixed with the 6.0 release.

Other projects were likewise affected by this. In general the issue happens when a plugin was compiled with glibc 2.30 (or older) without explicitly referencing libm, but your system has glibc 2.31 (or newer).

Thanks for the answer. Just read some entries somewhere related to changes in libm :slight_smile:

So, I have to bite the bullet and try to compile the invada plugins myself …

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