"Introduction to Ardour" FLOSS Manual now online

The “Introduction to Ardour” FLOSS Manual is a free (gratis/libre) tutorial-style book, which introduces the program without expecting a vast knowledge of computers or sound editing from the reader.

This FLOSS Manual can be read online at:

This FLOSS Manual was largely written by workshop participants learning the software themselves, over a one week period during a session led by Derek Holzer at the moddr_lab/WORM in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Non-profit, print-on-demand paper copies can be ordered from Lulu.com soon. Please check back with the main FLOSS Manuals page in several days for ordering information:

The manual is free to use, distribute and remix according to the GNU General Public License. FLOSS Manuals volunteers are currently working on French and Portuguese translations, and anyone is free to add contributions and edits for future versions of the manual at

Thanks to Adam Hyde, Walter Langelaar, the workshop participants in Rotterdam as well as those who helped online from the FLOSS Manuals, Ardour and Linux Audio communities, and to all the folks at the moddr_lab and WORM!

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Awsome stuff!!

Great Work.


Nicely done and really helpful!

Thanks for your efforts here, it is a big help having a more complete manual for Ardour.

Thank you very much for this effort. I learn a lot from it.

Floss manuals has vanished! I was in the middle of printing a section of the ardour manual and suddenly ‘404 not found’ appeared!

Hmm, the flossmanuals.net site now seems to say “ownz by linuXploit_crew” which is a little disturbing…

checked it 1 minute ago and it works:

probably just some short lag.


EDIT: o-oh, now “ownz by linuXploit_crew” here too, kurva drát…

I sent an email to the maintainer of the site(At least the last one I knew of) so we will see what happens. In the meantime treat that site with some obvious care just in case.


Disturbing indeed. Let us hope it has nothing to do with Wikileaks! Sabotage and cyber-criminality seem to be increasing.

Got a response from Adam @ flossmanuals who has restored the site now.


Phew!. No one reads the manual, then when you really need it and it’s gone…!


That is all:)


PS I can assure you people do read the manual on occasion, in fact I had just recommended someone do so before that happened as had others;) It is very nice not to have to type the same thing over and over again in IRC;)

Got a link? Doesn’t seem to be doing so here.


I’m doing a complete Spanish translation of this manual ( http://en.flossmanuals.net/ardour/ ) and I have it already at flossmanual but the pictures’ localisation, and since I have no mac then I will upload just ubuntu pics for the manual and keep the English photos for Mac.
Does any one like the Idea and kind enough to give me some Mac photos in Spanish?
I’t will be ready soon.

Hola, rápidamente, ¿hay alguien que pueda pasarme las fotos de este manual para mac pero en castellano? sería lo mejor para completarlo.

Translation in Spanish already available!

This FLOSS Manual can be read online at:

Print-on-demand paper copies can be ordered from Lulu.com at:

The manual is free to use, distribute and remix according to the GNU General Public License.

¡Ya está disponible la traducción al castellano!

Este manual FLOSS se puede leer en línea en:

Se pueden pedir copias en papel bajo demanda desde Lulu.com en:

El manual es libre de uso, distribución y remezcla de acuerdo con la licencia GNU General Public License