'Introduction to Ardour 3.0 MIDI' video

Introduction to Ardour 3.0 MIDI’ is a video tutorial demonstrating the new MIDI editing functionality of the soon to be released Ardour 3.0 digital audio workstation, which is free open source software currently available for Linux and soon Mac OSX too.

The author, Dan MacDonald, has been the primary tester of Ardour 3 MIDI for the year running up to its recent alpha release so he took it upon himself to share what he has learned through helping with Ardours development by creating this concise instructional video which shows how anyone can now create pro-quality electronic music using entirely free software.

i just was having a lot of fun watching it. it really is a good demonstration of what you are able to do with ‘just’ about a couple of tools.
thanks a lot for sharing this and also for supporting developement of a3 with such an effort.
also, i liked the parts about yoshimi, specimen and jack session a lot!


Thanks for the feedback nowhisky - I’m happy to hear you enjoyed watching it! I’ll try to upload it to YT in segments today so people can watch it online in full quality HD too.

Thanks also. I watched it last night and found it useful.

GSking: Thanks for the comment- good to know it helped!

I said on irc I would reconsider re-doing this video after the stable release of 3.0 but actually there is a very good chance I’ll end up re-doing this vid whilst A3 is still in alpha or beta because there were a few pitfalls I had to avoid when A3 was on the brink of the first alpha that prevented me demonstrating important concepts such a duplicating and managing regions and many, many big bugs have been fixed since alpha 1 including all the real bad, crashy types that I know of as of yesterday.

These are the issues I would like to see fixed before I would reconsider re-doing this video - they are few and relatively minor now:


I have a prob with copying auto data right now


I can work ok with the colours as they are but this would make a significant difference for the video


You can’t get JACK session to work atm without compiling/installing from source or manual linking

Thats it! Then the only significant feature I’d say we’re missing before I’d say MIDI was worthy of a beta tag is MIDI export.

Since this video was created Yoshimi has gained much improved MIDI learn support within Alessandro P.'s git tree, petri-foo (the specimen sampler successor) has had a release and seen much improvement over that first release within git and we’re also on the verge of seeing AV Linux 5 get released which would allow me to remove the warning about needing to compile software at the start and throughout the video hence greatly increasing accessibility.

Great work and thanks to Paul, Carl, drobilla, benl, oofus, seablade and everyone else who has supported A3’s dev- the wait is nearly over!

AV Linux 5 has been released and most of the above A3 issues have been resolved now so it would be worthwhile updating this video already although I don’t think I’ll bother until after A3 goes beta and we can all easily download it for OSX - that is the next big milestone for its ease of accessibility IMO and should significantly boost the user base and interest in the project.

Really cool video, many thanks especially for the middle clic in Specimen !!