Intro To Mixbus Video (very useful for new Ardour users too)

There is now an excellent "Intro to Mixbus" video available for $19.99 from Harrison Consoles. Although it obviously covers some Mixbus specific techniques, a lot of its 2 hour length is completely applicable to users of Ardour.

The video CAN be played successfully on Linux although you may have issues depending on which video playback software you use, and which video codecs you have installed. Successful playback has been noted using VLC and MPlayer. A more portable transcoded version might be available in the future.

Produced by Nathan “Adan” Adam of and, this HD video download features in-depth overviews of the Edit and Mixing system, Power-user tricks, Keyboard shortcuts, Compression settings, Recording and Automation.

Other Topics Include: Playback & Editing Options, Right Click Tricks, Plugins, Inserts & Sends, Tape Saturation & Mix Busses, Punch Ins & Outs, Nudging, Splitting, Meters, Tempos, Snapshots, Solos, Crossfades, Ranges, Gain Automation, Duplicating, Muting, Exporting, Filling, Spliting, Arming, Routing and so much more...

If there is enough demand, there may be future videos from Adan specifically targetting Ardour.


great to have more Ardour related stuff around.
But as a linux-only user, the main question remains: Has there been any progress in a Mixbus Linux version? After that, the intro video would also be interesting to me.


what format is the video in?

@macinnisrr: we’re attempting to transcode/repackage it. I’ll post an announcement here when the new version becomes available.

It’s great that mixbus is providing monetary and indirect documentation support for ardour.

This takes nothing away from Ardour, but adds resources for those willing to pay.

Personally I’m only interested in Ardour as Free Software, with Free Documentation. As the project continues to grow, more extensive documentation will appear, as it has done for other advanced FOSS apps like Blender and Gimp.

Thanks for letting us know about this video Paul - hopefully one day I’ll be competent enough with Ardour to make my own introductory video tutorial and share it with other users.

I’m actually not asking because I need transcoding, I’m just wondering exactly what format the video is in, so I might be able to point linux users toward a codec that will play it. I currently use vlc and mplayer, and I’ve yet to find a codec they can’t handle…

You could try this:

$mplayer -vo xv nameofvideo

So Paul, or anyone, will MixBus ever be ported to linux?

I would buy it without hesitation.


When and how are other questions however.


@rozea: Yes, actually I’d like to try that, but I’m not going to pay for the video only to find that I can’t watch it :frowning:

Does anyone know exactly what format this video is in? What’s the big secret?

@macinnisrr: its not really a secret. its a quicktime movie, but the quicktime “container” actually holds several different chunks with different codecs etc. Quicktime playback on OS X works with this, but apparently not with the various Quicktime handlers that exist for Linux.

I can play it using VLC on my 64 studio 3.0 beta 3. (ubuntu hardy based of course) I’d say it is extremely likely playable on any current linux distribution

I have no problems watching it on my Linux system. by the way it is a great video and particularly i like the part of how to use the keyboard shortcut as i am a keyboard loving guy than mouse. Looking for such more videos. by the way for linux users if you have VLC or mplayer, then you can play this video without any problems.

@qharley, @sandy jackson: that’s good news, and i’d like to edit the news item to reflect this. Can you figure out which codecs you have installed?

Codecs: nothing exotic. I installed VLC and it’s dependencies from the ubuntu repositories and it worked. As far as I can recall I did not even have to enable the medibuntu repository to make it work.

Couldn’t tell you which codec though. libvlc0 and libquicktime1 is installed.

Hey Paul & others,

I just also bought the video for Linux! I haven’t watched it fully yet, but it works without problems on a debian testing system (not sure what codecs I have installed, but for sure just from the official debian testing repositories).

It opens in 2 windows, one to watch and one to control the video’s volume etc.