Intro Music for a Film

Hi there!

Here’s another minor show-off. In January, I did a little instrumental piece for a production of an independent German film maker and his latest short film.

Here’s the track:

And here’s the link to the film “Der unberührte Garten”. Unfortunately only in German and there’s no preview yet since they’re trying to target movie theaters right now:

Originally, the track was meant to use a tennis ball as bass drum that later on would turn out to be in sync with a visible tennis ball in a scene of the film (inspired by films such as Dancer in the Dark by Björk). However, that scene was dropped later on in the production, so I disguised the tennis ball with some additional bass drum. All of this was done in Ardour, into which I had imported the intro part of the film as video track, taking the tennis ball sound from the original film sound track and then sorting things out.

Recording happend via a Yamaha 01V96i console hooked up via an old RME Digi Card (ADAT). I used a Maruszczyk electric bass guitar via an SWR amplifier, a Takamine accoustic bass guitar, a Roland Juno 106 synthesizer and a Waldorf Rocket synthesizer. Plus a kick drum sample from my Kawai MP6 stage piano. And a Meinl wood block recorded via a Rode NT5 mic. Upon that, I used quite a number of FX plugins in Ardour plus the REV-X reverbs of the Yamaha console.

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