Interview with Robin



Thank you for insights and introducing even more to the backbone of both Ardour. @x42 :slight_smile:


Thanks for this. Merry Christmas, and all that.


Great interview (and glasses!) Robin! Thoroughly enjoyed!


@x42 I always thought you are French, but you are Dutch, right? Great interview, I enjoyed it. :blush: The only thing what I didn’t like were the advertisements.


vi! yessssssssss !


now we hide and wait for emacs users

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Amongst other places, I lived in both the Netherlands and France for about 6 years each, but I grew up in Germany.


I was about to complain about that (using vi instead of the venerable emacs)… :slight_smile:

Little did you know we have been here all along!


… who hasn’t really used emacs seriously in some time, but used to truly enjoy emacs and org-mode in particular. That being said, I do still pull it out in a heartbeat when I am on the commandline for editing.

Heh, the only Emacs I can reliably recall is Ctrl-X Ctrl-C. :wink:

set -o vi is the first line in my .bashrc, actually.


WOW MAN!!! :exploding_head: It’s the guy Jeff Lynn :sunglasses: and his :violin:Electric Light Orchestra :star_struck: sang about!!!

Don’t bring me dowwwwwwwn Gareus! Don’t bring me dowwouwouwn Gareus! Don’t bring me dowwwuowuowuowuowwwwn!

For decades I have been trying to figure out what on earth he was singing! Now I know he was pronouncing it wrong too!! :laughing:

I am so happy to hear that you have a plan for implementing modulators!
This made my head take a spin, I just ended up smiling.
I think it will be a great feature in Ardour, and I’m sure you’ll implement it in your own good, Ardoury way!

If you combine this with CLAP support, I’d think you have an opportunity to take Ardour a great step in a new direction. The possibilites CLAP have with poly modulation are really rather exciting.

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