I know this has been discussed …

Wouldn’t it be good to enhance Preferences → Appearance → Translation
with a radio button where one can choose the language (s)he wants !?

Even if this would mean ardour has to be restarted !

Best regards

It’s a very good idea. I always hesitated to pitch it (despite being one of translators), thank you for doing it :slight_smile:

Today I tried the following:

I disabled “Benutze Übersetzungen” (engl.: "Use translations),
restarted Ardour.

There was no language change, translation/language was (as before) English.

Platform: Ubuntu 20.04 Ardour 6.9 (self compiled, working well).

Good Joke, if I would implement, I had no time for making music (which I prefer). :grinning:

I don’t know how much effort it is to implement what I suggested and which priority it would have if the developers implement. It’s a suggestion, which isn’t too stupid, I think.

I give you an example:

We discussed how to get together two tracks (

Seablade talked about the “File” menu, Piergi about “Session” menu but in german it’s “Project” menu.

What i had to do was to set env (export LANG=“en”) and to restart from command line. After that, I knew what was meant with “session” menu.
I think it’s best to discuss things in english which means we always talk about ardour running with the english translation. Most nonenglish users will run ardour in their native language.
So, quick change of translation would make it easier for everyone.

Best regards Harry

I’m not suggesting you would write code, I’m merely thanking you for requesting it publicly (“pitching the idea”) :slight_smile:

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