Intermittent nasty click on looping


I recorded a video to demonstrate what’s going on here: ardour reloop nasty click

Sometimes when it loops, it does it a nasty click on re-loop

Any advice?


(n.b. sorry I accidentally deleted this topic the first time I posted it and couldn’t undo it)


maybe related to similar post? Playback in loop mode causes pops (start and end of loop region) - #10 by dspasic

Looks like we have the same issue, and that it wasn’t resolved in that post unless I’m missing something?

exactly, and i do not feel like pushing - since i have numerous reasons not to use Ardour/Mixbus as main daw, due to many similar irritating stuff. I just wanted to point out relation between similar posts - which might have the same epilogue :slight_smile:

Are you using some other Linux/OSS main DAW?

Please file an actual bug report on, and attach that test session as a session archive.

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