Interface Language in English - forced, always start with

(Ubuntu 20.10, KDE) I am not able force Ardour to start with English interface, even I have selected in setup I do not want to use translation. It is possible only if I will switch all systems language settings to US.
Is there way how can in replace language (Czech) translation file with English so Ardour will start always in English? Or manually updated cfg file?

For Ardour 5 I have used bash script, but this not work for me with Ardour6
#! /bin/sh
export LC_MESSAGES=en_US.UTF-8
export LC_NUMERIC=en_US.UTF-8

Is the English locale available on your system, and not commented out?

grep en_US.UTF-8 /etc/locale.gen

Have you tried setting the LANG environment variable?

LANG=en_US.UTF-8 Arodur6

What I need is that ARDOUR really DO NOT translate interface. I have box unchecked, but it is translated anyway.


Please verify that a build from (e.g. the free/demo) behaves in this way. It should not. If it does, let us know. Otherwise, take it up with whoever packaged Ardour for your Linux distribution, or decide to use our build.

I have the same experience since Ardour5 distributed as part of Ubuntu Studio distribution.
I have made workaround which works to me by renaming folders in locale directory.

in /usr/share/ardour6/locale directory:
cs folder renamed to cs-bax
en-GB folder copied as cs
It is a pity that “Use Translation” checkbox setting I can not check in XML config file.
Once I have more time I can test test version as you suggest.

Also users from Sweden reports Unselect “use translations” doesn’t work. (User Forsland, Jun 20 2020)

That user likewise uses a distro build. Chances are that this is caused by how Ubuntu packages Ardour.

I can live with workaround. I am just wonder why such “easy switch” does not work. I will try test version on another computer as I do not like to loose my current settings and records.
And if test version will works I am going to report this directly to Ubuntu studio team.

We also wonder why it doesn’t just work. But unless you’re testing a build that we are responsible for, it’s hard to comment, because this stuff interacts in important ways with the build+package process. For your distribution build, we don’t control that.

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