Interested in helping with Japanese Translation

Hello. My name is Justin Towson. I’ve been a linux audio enthusiest for a number of years, keeping up with ardour for at least two. I have interests in both audio production for music and film. Currently I am living and working in Japan, while planning on entering a film school to study audio production when I have the resources.

Anyway, seeing how linux is definately showing itself as a major player in the audio world, and hoping to help spread its influence, I’m interested in offering my efforts towards the Japanese translation of the software, docs, and website.

I don’t know if I’m the first or not, but looking around the forums and such, I didn’t manage to find much on the topic (however I could be completely incompetent at such things). So, I thought I’d put a post in the forums to see what kind of response I could get while I try to become more active in the community. I don’t have a lot of experience with the various doc software for linux, but I’m hoping somebody could point me in the right direction in how to become more involved.


We have no plans to offer translations of the manual until its more useful, and certainly no plans for a website translation. However, the software definitely could use more translations. It is a hard process, however: there are many terms used in audio engineering which do not translate well, and can be very hard to find non-english equivalents for (especially given that there are sometimes space constraints).

that said, the process is relatively simple. the simplest way to start is probably to take a copy of the one of the existing translations that can be found in the source tree directories libs/ardour/po and gtk2_ardour/po. Then use a text editor to edit the translations for japanese. Then email the result to the ardour-dev mailing list.