Interchange and sound file folders

apologies in advance if this is a dumb question. However, I’m wondering why I have my sound files stored in two separate locations in my session folder - one in interchange but also there’s now a sound files folder as well. The manual doesn’t list this folder in the ‘What’s in a Session?’ section.

My question comes from some problems I’ve had clearing out sources from a session - some refused to be cleaned out and I’m wondering if this might be a reason?



I don’t have a sound files folder in any of my projects. I looked for sound* and *files as name patterns, and only found the audiofiles directory under interchange.
Are you using the new cues feature? Maybe that is why the sound files folder was created in your project.
Ardour doesn’t usually use spaces in names, is it actually soundfiles? Or sound_files?

Where is that? It not a folder that Arodur itself would create or use.

Hi all - Turns out my student put it in there to keep things tidy (a bit of teaching) - sorry for the runaround!

Many Thanks…

sincerely sorry actually. yikes.

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