Integrate ir.lv2 into Ardour

Hi everyone,

I think it might be a good idea to integrate ir.lv2 to Ardour to complete the a-plugins collection. Indeed, it is pretty much not maintained anymore, but it is mostly functional and it integrates nicely with Ardour’s native UI.

Also, most DAWs integrate an IR plugin these days.

The main inconvenience with its inclusion would be that it needs zita-convolver at compilation time.

The good part would be that it could get a better integration and some bug fixing because of the higher number of users, including Windows and Mac OS.

What do you think of it?

you can find “LV2 convolution” plugins in Ardour, for mono, stereo or 4chan to read IRs

I’m sorry, but I think you are mistaken. “LV2 convolution” is an x42 plugin in beta, which is designed for cab emulation, not reverb, and that does not ship with Ardour. Although I really appreciate Robin Gareus’ work, it is not the same use, and it is not maintained by Ardour team. will not be bundled nor integrated with Ardour as-is. It is way to problematic (explanation below). It will most likely be a lot easier to start anew, using zita-convolver.

As for ir.lv2: first and foremost the GUI is GTK (a no-go for plugin-GUIs and not maintainable mid/long-term). The DSP part is unstable and not realtime safe, also the plugin uses custom threads (pthread) and further configures zita-convolver in threaded mode; in both cases with incorrect realtime priorities (instead of using LV2 extensions). It also interferes with Ardour’s parallel processing. Plugin state save/restore is likewise problematic (not thread safe)… As much as I wish we had a good convolver plugin for long reverb tails, ir.lv2 is not it.

Thank you for the explanation, I was not aware of these shortcomings.
On a sidenote, do you think Klangfalter is any better, DSP-wise?

Take a look at or I use these plugins instead of ir.lv2

Thanks for the reply! I’ve already got these but they lack a “strench” and “envelope” feature, so I didn’t give them a go yet. Maybe I’ll try them out and tell you how I feel about them.