Instrumental Song: The After Warmth


I’ve uploaded a song I recently wrote onto here:

The song uses piano, bass, synth strings and drums. I mixed everything in Ardour 2.8.2 on an Ubuntu Linux system.

I used the Mastero Grand Piano from LinuxSampler as my grand piano, the bass is from the Fluid R3 SoundFont, the strings were from ZynAddSubFx and I used the free ns_kit7 for the drums.

I wrote most of the song, while my drummer friend helped me with the drums. At some point, though, I’d like to re-record this using real instruments instead of all the sample libraries.

WOW! That’s nice. Good work.

Didn’t you try make bass from ZynAddSubFX? I think that some combinations of pre-defined samples could be good also, but i never used it normally (just a while to test).

Yeah, I did try out the bass presets from ZynAddSubFx first but I thought the fingered bass sample from the Fluid soundfont worked better in the end.