Instrumental rock

…Hi! This is one of my songs recorded with my homemade strat (VanZandt Vintage plus pickups), Shure SM57 and Addictive drums. I definitlely prefer “solo” recording. Because of many problems with bands and difficulty long-time creation, the self-recording with a help of the Addictive Drums was the easiest way to go:-) Hope you´ll like it.
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“gymnasium” reverb and missing bass, but nice overall.
pěkné :wink:

Thanks a lot:-)
I´m sorry because of bass…all my time goes into guitar…next time I´ll give a chance to some EQ at least:-)…gymnasium reverb? Hint me:D Too much? Bad parameters? I used CAPS…
Měj se a díky za poslech.-)

It may be my personal preference, but by “gymnasium” I mean too large room and too much of it (wet/dry ratio too high).

I think the drums are pretty well mic’d/mixed. Bass would be sweet!

The drum micing is mainly a credit of Addictive drums autors:-) Because of instanly recording at home, I´m thinking about establishing a band with a piano player, which will be play the rhytm part, but displaced by one octave down. It should supply a bass maybe. Real human drummer and me playing the solo part. The instrumental genre will last. Sorry if there are mistakes…i´m not Englishman:-)
Thanks for comments:-)

Hi again!
New song recorded! Enjoy:-)

…and have a nice day:-)