Instrumental Album

Hi ardour friends

here is a link to my website, where you can listen to my instrumental album “bir damla kum”, which means “a drop o sand” in turkish.

I mainly used linuxdsp and calf plugins for mixing on ardour
and algorithmix red eq and split comp on nuendo for mastering.

hope you enjoy it

Nice piece of work. Could be commercial, and sent you a couple of Euros in appreciation.

I have to say this music is very enthralling! I also like the story line. I feel the pain, especially after reading “Confessions of an Economic Hit-man”. How is work going on this? I would love to see the finished product. I don’t know how I could help (I wish I had money to contribute), but I’ve always wanted to be involved in a media project. If you are interested, you can see my music at If any of it is of use, let me know. All of it is in either ardour or tracker files.

Best wishes for your project.

very cool, you are a real artist ! compliment !