Installing SVN alongside an existing install...

I’ve been installing 2.2 on Debian Sid and have it working fairly well. This has been on a spare test machine, and I would like to install it alongside my “real” version I use (Ardour 2.1 on Debian Etch). Is it as simple as using a switch like PREFIX=/usr/lib/ard2 ? I can’t move binaries, because my test machine is x86 and my working install is AMD64.

just use the svn version from the build tree. cd into gtk2_ardour and type “./ardev”. this is a script that was specifically built to allow running a newly-built ardour without installing it.

OK, so just run scons, and then do not run scons install, and run the ardev script? I said 2.2 in the last post, but 2.0-ongoing was what I meant.

That is a correct understanding. BTW, branches/2.0-ongoing is 2.2. For various reasons, we are not creating a new branch for each release of 2.X.