installing plugins

no offense, but the instructions are terrible… ive downloaded some off the list you gave, but theres no clear instructions anywhere of what to do… i own and use a mac, so i dont understand all this linux code talk… can someone help??

@ seablade: do AU plugins run at all on Linux?

@melkhorn: AudioUnits use a proprietary though somewhat open plugin format that is deeply, deeply tied into many different layers of OS X system services. They cannot possibly run on any other platform as-is.

The list of plugins applies primarily to Linux, not to Mac (Or Windows for that matter). However you can find some of them compiled for mac, I think most of those already ship in the Ardour binary in fact. I will warn you many are out of date and may cause issues in sessions like any plugin so test well and use with care.

However on a Mac you have access to any AU plugin as well, which you can find a huge database of on KVR, and are generally what most people use on the Mac. Personally I have both AUs and LADSPA plugins myself and use both on a regular basis, though since I switched to Linux for my primary workstation I am using less of AUs these days obviously as they don’t run natively on Linux.