Installing LADSPA for Hydrogen?

Hey all,

Just found some FX libraries at that seem to work with Hydrogen. However, the instructions under their website are high level, and being unexperienced, I could use some step by step help… I am aware this is ardour´s website and not Hydrogen´s, but still I think some people might know about this and be able to help.


Btw, I was doing this right all along. The problem was that LADSPA FX were not being recognised and showed at the bottom of that window. I just needed to scroll down, basically.

Just in case anyone stumbles into this same issue, I wanted to share what I found.

NOTE: My experience with FX in Hydrogen is not too positive. Ardour manages FX much more efficiently and they work and sound 10 times better. I would recommend not to waste any time in Hydrogen, simply set up your samples, adjust volumes, then record each track separately into Ardour. You can then do all the tweaking in ardour and the results will be pretty neat. In addition, tracking each instrument into a separate track makes drums sound much more natural and they blend with the rest of the instruments nicely.

Hello, My Hydrogen was working very well in anticipation of this morning, testking later than I installed some extra LADSPA plugins from the depository even though this may be totally unplanned for sure. But I found en error then I uninstalled the latest plugins but no alter to the segfault error. Then I took Dave’s advice and it helped me a lot in solving the problem. Now hydrogen is working well along with the latest LADSPA plugins. Thanks.

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