Installing from source then overwriting ver2.1 from Ubuntu repo

I just compiled ardour 2.3 from source using the Scons command, as per instructed. I was just wondering how I would go about over writing version 2.1 that’s offered in the Ubuntu Repositories and adding it to the menu.

Currently, the only way I can run ardour 2.3 is from the terminal, typing ardour2. If I run it from the Ubuntu menu (ArdourGTK2), it runs version 2.1.

How can I get Ardour recognized in a package manager like Synaptics?


You can only install a package from the Ubuntu repos if it has been packaged and uploaded by a package maintainer. When you compile and install from source, the scons (or make) install target usually picks a different prefix directory (/usr/local/, typically) to keep stuff you compile separate from the packages managed by your distro. So to run Ardour 2.3 from your apps menu, you’ll have to edit the menu (by right-clicking “Applications” and clicking “Edit Menus”) to point to /usr/local/bin/ardour2 instead of wheverever it currently points. Or, you can wait for Ardour 2.3 to be packaged (as it probably will be in Hardy).

I would make sure that the one from the repos is uninstalled via adept/synaptic.

Just remove ardour from ubuntu repos ans install the new one, it’s far more “newer” you can add the launcher in your menu with the icon from ardour. And just make the launcher run the command ardour2