Installing autotalent plugin for Ardour on debian


I tried to install autotalent for Ardour on Debian OS.

Installing the autotalent plugin on the OS seems to be ok :

root@k0:~# apt install autotalent

Paramétrage de autotalent (0.2-6) …

But impossible to find autotalent in Ardour.

Can please someone help me ?

Thanks !


Same here with Mint 21.1 and Ardour 7.3.
After installing autotalent and rescanning plugins, there is an error when scanning it :
Cannot load module “/usr/lib/ladspa/” (/usr/lib/ladspa/ undefined symbol: __exp_finite)

That problem has come up with other packages, it occurred after a change to glibc. Try recompiling from source, linking with the newer version of glibc and libm on your machine may fix the problem.

Alternately you could ask your distribution maintainers to compile the plugins properly. Plugins should be statically linked so that they do not risk conflicting with host or OS libraries, so any problems with the linker finding symbols should be found at link time, not run time. I’m not positive, as I only dabble in software these days, but the fact that an error occurred at runtime attempting to locate an external symbol would seem to indicate the plugin was compiled with dynamic linking.

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i compiled the latest version, dl it here
Seems to be working on my setup.
You have to copy it to /usr/lib/ladspa

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Thanks Baptiste, thanks Chris ; I just loaded autotalent now !!

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