Installing Ardour

Hey everyone. I just recently installed Ubuntu on my hp as a dualboot because I hate windows. I record my band at practice just to keep some good ideas, and I have been trying to figure out how to install Ardour. I went to the applications tab, and Add/Remove, and tried to add the app, but the checkbox is greyed out. What do I have to do to install Ardour?

I am starting the production of audio with the use of Linux. I wonder how do I install the package ardor downloading site?

@joegiampaoli : Ardour from the 8.10 repository works if you don’t have to import external wav files, i.e. you record everything directly into Ardour.
The import screen is broken (blank).

@rodrigosdl: Don’t. As said numerous times; (in virtually every thread it feels like…) use the one that comes with your distribution.
What’s here is the source code, that requires you to compile it yourself. And while it’s not that hard, it requires some linux skills and knowledge.

I want to download a version that works well with ubuntu 8.04.

The version that is in the repository of distribution has some problems, such as the window to import the audio opens up blank, does not appear the options for import.

I was told by the Studio Free which would be best download the software directly from the site of the ardour, with a more current version.
How can I do that?

Thank you.

Well as I said; if you want to download from this site, you’ll have to be able to compile stuff yourself.
In that case please check out thorgals tips here:

You could also try getting it pre-compiled from but I dont know if it’ll automagically install the required dependencies for you.

Your Buntu Repo would have it.

Well I think that’s what he meant, he went to his add/remove (that’s the repos) and it’s unavailable (or greyed out), that is strange, go to synaptic and see if you can select it there. It will have to download all the dependencies, one for sure is JACK. What ubuntu version? Let me advise you it will be an older version of ardour, but enough to get you started and understand it all.

I downloaded Jack and all of the possible jack components to use (mixers, rack, tuner, etc.). I am using version 8.10. From what I can tell from the screenshots of ardour, im probably going to love it.

I think ardour in 8.10 is not working at the moment, either I would advise you to try reverting to 8.04 or build from source. I am curently at 8.04 and have succesfully compiled it, now I use the latest from SVN and it’s really worth it, it really isn’t that hard, just go here and install all those required packages (remember to install also their dev versions they usually end with a -dev)

Let us know how it comes up…