Installing ardour on SUSE10.1

Hi I’m trying to install ardour on a SUSE10.1-box and even all requirements seem to be cool running scons returns with

*** [libs/ardour/audio_library.o] Error 1
building terminated because of errors.

Could someone send me an angel?


You haven’t included the actual errors themselves. But even without them I’d be willing to bet that you haven’t installed all the required development libraries.

Are you compiling 0.99.3 or 2.0 SVN?

Read the page on how to compile Ardour for more information.

Installing ardour on SUSE 10.2
I am a totally new LINUX-user (may be I’m not the only one). Is it possible to create a repository for SuSE too? Because it is not really easy to install it without professional help…


Check out
In the forum there is all info need to build a Digital Audio Workstation from SuSE 10.2 (or 10.1 actually it doesn’t matter)…

You can also install the JackLab-Kernel, to get better Audio-Performance.


:slight_smile: This is what I ment. Thanks a lot