Installing Ardour on Mac Book Pros

I am having a little difficulty installing Ardour on my Mac Pro/core II duo. I’ve installed JackosX and configured it; I’ve downloaded and installed X 11. When I try to install Ardour, however, I keep getting a message that I havn’t installed X 11, even though I have. Has anyone had the same problem, and have you solved it?

You should not have to download X11. The version of X11 apple makes available for download is definitely not for the hardware and version of OS X you are running. furthermore, it probably shouldn’t even install on your MBP. The correct version of X11 is available on the Mac OS X disc that came with your computer.

install the version of X11 on your OS X disc before trying to run ardour.

Hey, thanks for the reply. However, I was wondering if you could clarify something for me. On the OS X disc, is the x11 file found in the Xcode tools/packages/X11sdk.pkg ?

i highly doubt it. SDK usually stands for ‘software development kit’. meaning, that particular package is related to developing X11 applications… not running them. i know that X11 is presented as an optional download during Mac OS X installation. it’s not a default install on your mac, as far as i know. it would probably be best to spend a few minutes over at apple’s support site.