Installing Ardour 6.5 - Error missing lib " not found"


I am a long time Ardour 4.7 user and occassional v5.12 demo user. I have recently tried to install v 6.5 on the same machine with a couple of issues.

(Machine is Sony Viao 4G RAM i5 processor running KXStudio distro based on Ubuntu 14.04)

When I try and run command below…:

/bin/sh ./

It starts to look ok, uncompresses Ardour package and after prompt for Sudo password says:

“Ardour was compiled with gcc5, your system uses an older version of the
standard c++ library. Plugins on your system may not load or plugin-UIs
may cause crashes.”

Though not my main issue, It would be nice to see how I can get passed this having checked ‘Muon package manager’ it shows kxstudio-repos-gcc5 which I can set to install but it seems to not manage to do it, the apply button never becomes available.

The main issue though is after I follow option to continue regardless, it says “Checking system libs to see if they are compatible with Ardour.” then many rows of a repeated message:
“ => not found”
Eventually ending with : “!!! ERROR !!! - Missing library detected!”

I love Ardour having used it for many years and just made a donation to continue using it. I suspect my issue may be due to my distro version of Ubuntu being dated but really prefer not to have to update to new os (where Ubuntu Studio looks to be the only strong alternative), unless really necessary. I’m so used to picking up a copy paste of a command out of a forum to some success when I have issue I just need some good steer. I’m intermediate at a push when it comes to Linux so would be grateful for any advise.

You need to pick the gcc4 build for this distro.

In the past we added a choice for that at but now it’s only available from

Heads up, we are going to discontinue support for old systems with Ardour 7.0. So at some point in the not too distant future you should consider updating your system to continue using recent Ardour.

Thanks I’ll check out the download.
That was interesting to hear about v7 also, thanks for that too. I was looking for any indication of limitations in the OS side (Linux version supported etc) that may have contributed to my problems again on the pre install text, having confirmed my hardware was still good enough for listed requirements but it doesn’t mention I need to be in a specific version of Ubuntu currently so I don’t know if that’s an area that perhaps will be updated just when we get to v7

We don’t test for versions of any particular Linux distribution, only for system components that we know affect Ardour. So you’ll never see a message from Ardour about “you need Ubuntu 24.02 or later”, only messages about things missing or wrong in whatever version you have. Our prebuilt packages are completely distribution agnostic, so they don’t care or pay any attention to whether you run Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora or any of the approximately 1872 other possible Linux distributions.


In version 5 (since g++5.1, April 2015) the GNU C Compiler changed the C++11 interface in an incompatible way. All GNU/Linux distros since ship a new standard library.

So far Ardour itself makes no direct use of C++11, but some libraries (and plugins do). I expect this is what effectively causes the issue you experience.

Starting Ardour 7, Ardour will also move to use a newer C++ standard, and hence older systems are no longer supported (Windows XP will no longer be supported for the same reason).

Anyway, can you confirm that the gcc-4 build of Ardour 6.5 still runs on your Ubuntu 14.04 system?

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Thanks Paul, (and thank you for Ardour) I appreciate what you say above and think maybe I misunderstood the early comments reference to a need to update system to ever use Ardour 7. This was an interesting point on the OS side of things. In the same way that for windows, a later post said XP would no longer support Ardour at version 7 onwards, I was thinking certain age of the major linux releases would be in a similar boat. Perhaps though, because depending on the users skill level there’s often a way round things in Linux it is less definitive than the statement is for WinXP.

Thank you for your info about nightly page, I have successfully installed Ardour 6.5 now. in case it happens to anyone else I should mention the following since it may be common to others on kxstudio who accepted a trade off in graphics settings impacting other apps like web browser so that kxstudio would look good.
The web page where you have to select appropriate check boxes before download button becomes usable ( which include the all important gcc4 or gcc5 option, did not display properly on my firefox browser. The checks/ticks didn’t display leading me to wrongly go hunting for versions on the page it had linked for alternate versions at the bottom. However checking with web browser on my phone I realized my mistake. Though I couldn’t see the checks/ticks there is colour change when you select where the box would be, allowing the page to function as it is supposed to in the end.

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