Installing Ardour 3 in Ubuntu 12.04

I’m a complete beginner with regards to using Linux distros but I recently downloaded Ubuntu 12.04. Today I decided to try out Ardour 3 so I bought the program. I downloaded the .tar file and opened it up but the file does not run the installer. I’m not sure what to do to solve this but I would really like to try out Ardour 3.

maybe you should extract the .tar and try again.

has the accidentally lost its executable permissions?

right click -> properties-> permissions -> allow executing file as program (checked?)

I don’t think there’s nearly enough information in the initial post to diagnose this.

Were you trying to execute the install script from within the decompression program? I don’t know if that will work. Try actually extracting the TAR to your local drive.

HOW are you trying to make the install file run? Are you clicking on it with the mouse, or are you trying to run it in a terminal?

Found A3 on Ubuntu’s repos, installed fine, will re-subscribe soon, BTW are there substancial differences between the Ubuntu repo’s version and the directly downloaded version?

@fernesto: I cannot and will not support 3rd party builds. That is one of the big differences. Distributions have caused enough headaches in the past that there is no justification for me spending time on this. If someone has a problem with a 3rd party build, they should get the binary first and confirm that the problem “really exists” before bothering our support mechanisms about it.

that makes total sense, thanks, actually my first thought about it was about these builds supporting ardour itself, i don’t think they are.

I have just recently installed ubuntu 12.04 and have no problems installing ardour 3.0 from the package downloaded after donating.

You need to extract the archive, extract it somewhere

Once you have extracted it go to the folder, double click the file and it should come up with a dialog box, that says what would you like to do with this or something, select run in terminal.

alternitivly, you can navigate to ardour folder within a file manager, right click the extracted aroud folder which should be names something like /Ardour_64bit-3.0_14207 (this is my extracted folder name yours might look slightly different) and select open terminal here.

In terminal type


this will run the install script