Installing 64 bit version but have 32 bit version already

(GPatWiz) #1

I installed the 32 bit version initially, but found that the 64 bit version utilizes RAM more efficiently.
Should I install Ardour 64 bit over 32 bit, or uninstall the 32 bit version first and then install the 64 bit version?

(Paul Davis) #2

When you install the new version, it will ask you about uninstalling the other version. Just say yes.

(GPatWiz) #3

Will I lose any work I’ve done?

(Robin Gareus) #4

No, you won’t. The session-format is independent.

You can even move session from, say, 32bit Windows to 64bit Linux to MacOSX and to 64bit Windows etc… without issues – except for plugins.

Keep in mind that 64bit version only loads 64bit VSTs, so if you’ve used a lot of VST plugins they may be missing if you don’t have the 64bit equivalent of the 32bit VST – but Ardour will still remember the plugin state, though.

PS. That being said, making backups of important work is always good practice.

(GPatWiz) #5

Cool. I was expecting to get new 64 bit VSTs and made a list of my favorites before the re-install. Thank you very much. You guys have been very helpful.

(Robin Gareus) #6

There should be no need for this. The preferences are shared between 32/64bit versions of Ardour. 32/64bit VSTs usually have the same ID, so Ardour can remember them (they’re saved in %localappdata%\ardour5\).

(mike@overtonedsp) #7

That depends on the plug-in(s).