Installing 2 versions of Ardour

Hello everyone.
I actually have Ardour 6. Since I updated the system, I installed this version.
I was thinking is it’s possible to have two versions installed, mine and the latest, so I can check if the latter works fine before to remove the older one.
Thank you.

Sometimes the ‘translation’ of the session from one version to the next doesn’t work perfectly. I would in any case keep the old version around, and you can use it to open old sessions.

Also keep in mind that Ardour does not provide downloads of old versions.

Just my two cents.

Thank you Piergi. I keep a couple of older version in any case. The doubt is if two versions can conflict with each other.

I have 6.9.0 and several 7.x versions installed in parallel. Major versions (5, 6. 7 ) have separate directories for config data. Minor versions (7.0, 7.1, 7.2) share the config data.

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I checked on my external hd and I have the 5.12 and the 6.9, however I don’t remember if the one I installed (on the icon in the dash bar appear 6.0), it’s been downloaded from the Ubuntu software center (snap).
So if I download and install the latest version, might I have any problem with the different config directories? The version I have works fine, so my curiosity is only on the matter.

A thing to consider when using different versions is the source files (the sources).

When converting a session from 6 to 7 Ardour produces a new (v7) session file and a v6-session file as a sort of backup when needed for opening with the older version.

But if you continue to use v7 for a while, this makes changes to the source files, deletes, creates, alters etc. As a result the v6-session file isn’t up to date anymore…

That is to say, it’s a guess, I haven’t tested these things, in my experience you run into trouble when alternating between versions:
Cleanup from within v7 doesn’t cleanup everything, probably leaves source-files that are bound to the v6-session? I also have encountered errors of files that couldn’t be found when opening a session file.
I ended up with some manual cleanup and editing session files by hand to straigten things.

So i think it’s best to convert to v7, see if all works well and then stick to v7 and do not return to v6

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