Installation problem

Hi I’ve just built ardour (0.99.3) on Linux Fedora core 5 using the scons command as in the BUILD file. The build worked prefctly …do I need to do something else to install it?? typing ardour command doesn’t work …just says “command not found”. Thanks for any help!..I’m quite new to Linux.

ok I now figured out i had to do “scons install” as well :slight_smile: …but now i’m getting an error on missing shared library :frowning:


You’re probably having problems with location of the and libraries. Check where they are located (probably in /usr/local/lib) and then run as root: ‘lddconfig /usr/local/lib’ (substitude path with actual location of libraries).

You can check which libraries ardour needs by running ‘ldd ardour’.

Hope this helps!

Thanks a lot hudson …I did as u said and it worked! :slight_smile: