Installation on Fedora Core 4


I recently got angry with microsoft, and switched over to linux, and decided to try a spinoff of Red Hat, which I have heard good things about. In switching to Fedora Core 4, I have lost the ability to use my beloved Cakewalk, and would like to see if Ardour is a worthy replacement. Unfortunately, I am having trouble compiling Ardour on Fedora. I found the files in ‘terminal’, and typed ‘scons’ and ‘scons install’, but it doesn’t recognize the command. I am wondering if that is because I didn’t install the developer packages when I installed. Would that help at all? If not, what should be my next course of action?

Any help would be GREAT! I am itching to start recording. Thank you


You will find a rpm for ardour and everything you need to make music under fedora here

thats all fine and dandy, except I don’t have an internet connection on that system, and it doesn’t appear as though they have a cd image download yet. Any other suggestions?

When you say you have no internet connection on the system, do you mean there is no internet connection at all in the house? Or is it just this machine?

Could you give the machine internet access for the short while it will take you to set up the Planet? Take it to a friend’s house for an evening of Linux, music and beer maybe?

Or just run Fedora Core 3 until PlanetCCRMA has CD images of Fedora Core 4 available.

Making music under Linux will only cost you an investment in time and ingenuity, but you have to be prepared to make that investment.

In the mean time if all you want is to burn the ardour rpm from CCRMA_FC4 from another machine, here you go. Good luck with it!