Installation of Plugins for Ardour 6 on Windows

Hello Everyone. I have a few questions about applying plugins to Ardour 6 on a Window System. I have scanned the Plugins, it is successful. However, the status is error and the message is "Cannot launch VST scanner app “C:\Users\hkkat\OneDrive\Ardour6\bin\ardour-vst-scanner.exe” .Now I have no plugins in the plugin selector. What should I do in order to “activate” those scanned plugins? Thanks a lot.

Are you running Ardour from OneDrive? Does Onedrive keep a copy of everything locally or does it work kinda like iCloud where it tries to ‘optomize’ in which case the vst scanner may not be kept locally and thus why Ardour can’t launch it?

Really I wouldn’t recommend running from OneDrive period honestly personally, but to each their own.


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Hello Seablade, thanks for your reply! Yes, I kept a copy of Ardour locally on my computer desktop. Still, I could not launch many plugins. However, I successfully launch two of the VST3 plugins accidentally (by doing nothing). I checked the type of the other plugins( which I am still unable to install), most of them are VST2.x plugins and few of them are VST2 plugins. But they have the same problem anyway.

You may have to tell Ardour the path to your VST2 plugins first.
You do that under Edit → Preferences → Plugins → VST

If you still get the "Cannot launch VST scanner app “C:\Users\hkkat\OneDrive\Ardour6\bin\ardour-vst-scanner.exe” error, you have to make sure that exe-file exists.

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