Installation of old ardour2?

How can I get …and install last old version of ardour2 ? Found old rpm Package on . Converted it with alien, and installed it with qapt-deb-installer ! But have problems with and !
“/usr/lib64/ardour2/ undefined symbol: _ZN4Glib7ustringC1ERKSs”
qapt-deb-installer says all dependencies met !?

That’s almost certainly not going to work.

If for some reason you really need ardour2 (I cannot imagine why, but sure, there might be a reason), you will likely need to build it yourself (and that will not be easy either).

Maybe you should get an old linux distro from the era of Ardour 2, it will work on that.

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maybe Debian Jessie would be good. It comes with Ardour 2.8.16.

It is an old distro but it could be a good fallback for your special cases.

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